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Strengthening Governance Globally: Forecasting the Next 50 Years (Patterns of Potential Human Progress Volume 5)

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Barry B. Hughes

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Hughes, B.B., Joshi, D.K., Moyer, J.D., Sisk, T.D., Solorzano, J.R. (2014). Strengthening governance globally: Forecasting the next 50 years (Patterns of potential human progress volume 5). Routledge.

The final volume in the PPHP series, Strengthening Governance Globally, focuses on long-term transitions in the character of country-level governance around the world. Questions that it addresses include:

  • What roles do the provision of security, the building of capacity, and the broadening and deepening of inclusion play in advancing human development?
  • Given feedback loops between governance and other aspects of human development, what changes have occurred in security, capacity, and inclusion in recent decades and what further changes do we anticipate in coming decades? 
  • To what extent might strengthened governance help countries face current and emerging global challenges?

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