Tackling the policy and social challenges of climate change

The changing climate, natural resource depletion, and increased demands on our food, water, and energy resources are defining challenges of the 21st century. Confronting these issues will require informed policy, international cooperation, and inspired leadership if we are to put the planet on a more sustainable path and deliver on our obligations to future generations.

Our location in Colorado's Front Range will put you at the center of practical discussions about the role of government, private sector and civil society to understand the consequences of climate change and well-being.

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With an MA in Global Environmental Sustainability, your career pathways could include:

  • Government administration and policy
  • Homeland security or emergency management
  • Think tanks and do tanks
  • National and International development and relief organizations
  • Sustainability specialist

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Our flexible program allows you to select courses that align with your interests. Students complete 60 credit hours.

Korbel Core:

  • Great Issues in International Relations

Degree Core:

  • Environmental Security
  • Global Environmental Governance
  • A course focused on other features of environmental sustainability, approved by the degree director

A sequence of three skills or methods courses approved by the Degree Director

Featured Faculty


Linda E. Mendez Barrientos

Assistant Professor

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Tamra d'Estrée

Tamra Pearson d'Estree

Professor; Interim Global Environmental S; Interim Director of Global Env

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Frank Laird

Frank N. Laird

Associate Professor

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Fritz Mayer

Fritz Mayer

Dean, Josef Korbel School

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