Denver Democracy Summit

The Denver Democracy Summit is an annual event and part of a multi-year Democracy Initiative at the Korbel School that integrates public engagement, research and educational activities on issues of democratic governance. The Summit connects a range of citizens’ democracy efforts by bringing together leaders and thinkers from politics, business, and civil society with diverse identities and viewpoints from across the political spectrum along with scholars and students from around the world. Through engagement and dialogue, we seek to examine the quality of democracy in the U.S. and abroad and inspire a new generation of civically minded and engaged citizens.

Summit Partner


Summit Sponsor

David Brunel, MA International Studies, 1980, and Stacey Steers

Summit Supporters

KC (MBA, 2002; Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees) and Kelly Gallagher

Funding is made possible through the May Bonfils Stanton Endowment

Craig (BSBA, 2003; Board of Trustees) and Nicole Harrison

Jill Nelson and Thomas Bidell


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