2023 Denver Democracy Summit

The Josef Korbel School of International Studies is pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual Denver Democracy Summit will be held October 25-26, 2023 on the University of Denver campus with proceedings streamed to a worldwide virtual audience. The Denver Democracy Summit will serve as a platform for the DU community and the world’s leading thought leaders on democracy to evaluate ongoing efforts to strengthen democratic norms, values, and institutions. The Summit will include discussions on democratic backsliding, political communication and misinformation, polarization and civil discourse, technology and democracy, and other topics. 



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Denver Democracy Summit 2023 Agenda Snapshot

* Safeguarding democracy is a full-time job! More to come!

  • Keynote session with the Honorable Naheed Farid, Senior Fellow at Princeton SPIA-APL and Founder of the Afghan Pathways Program

  • What's the Matter with American Democracy? with Jamelle Bouie

  • Democracy in Decline?

  • Climate Change: Opportunities and Challenges for Democracies

  • Advancing the Democratic Use of Emerging Technology

  • The Case for Democracy

  • Denver Dialogues: A Revitalized Democratic Order

  • The Critical Role of Local Media in the Democracy Ecosystem

  • A Renewed and Reimagined Democracy: Perspectives from Emerging Leaders

  • Election Integrity and Strong Democracies



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