Why Choose Korbel


Global Perspectives, Local Solutions

The distinctive positioning of our MPP within one of the world's ranked professional schools of international affairs enables us to see how the local connects to the global, to learn from best practices around the world, and to imagine creative solutions.


Issues Focus

We prepare our students to tackle the great issues of our time—economic inequality, environmental sustainability, social justice, and more—and provide the flexibility to pursue the specific causes that speak to them. 


Learning by Doing

Do it yourself first. Experiential learning plays a key role in our MPP student experience, including our Policy Lab course, practicum opportunities, internships in Denver, DC, and around the world, and an intensive, faculty-advised capstone project.



Policy problems have no disciplinary boundaries. Our faculty draws on the disciplines of economics, politics, sociology, policy analysis, international relations, law, ethics, and more to assess problems and suggest solutions.


Skills for a Lifetime

We are committed to providing students with professional competencies, decision-making, and leadership skills that will serve them throughout their careers— skills that are equally applicable in government and the private and non-profit sectors.


A World of Career Paths

The Korbel MPP opens a world of career possibilities with a 95% employment rate. Our graduates make a difference in Denver, DC, and around the world, in city, state, and national governments, international organizations, NGOs, and private businesses.

Application Information

The Scrivner Institute of Public Policy

The Douglas and Mary Scrivner Institute of Public Policy hosts Korbel's MPP program and the undergraduate public policy major. The Scrivner Institute supports interdisciplinary applied research on public policy issues, delivers timely public programming on contemporary issues, and convenes experts and practitioners seeking to solve pressing public policy issues.

Featured Faculty


Naazneen Barma

Associate Professor; Director, Scrivner Institute of Public Policy

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Lapo Salucci

Lapo Salucci

Teaching Associate Professor

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Ajenai Shareece Clemmons

Assistant Professor

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Kaitlyn Margaret Sims

Assistant Professor

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