The Pardee Center supports highly qualified research aides pursuing internships with partners and sponsors. Over 20 students have interned with a variety of organizations, including the Army Strategic Studies Group; Creative Associates (Washington, DC); the Institute for Security Studies (Pretoria, South Africa); the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (Cali, Columbia); UNDP Brazil; UNDP New York Headquarters; USAID Uganda; and the Western Cape Government (Cape Town, South Africa).

Featured Interns

Caio Cotta Pereira

Caio Pereira

Through his internship with UNDP, Caio learned in-depth the most important dimensions that surround the implementation and accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). His work involved assisting with the preparation of policy documents and reports as well as conducting individualized quantitative analyses for a wide range of country offices. This experience not only exposed him to the workings and structure of the whole United Nations system, but it also connected him with some of the most prominent individuals in the realm of international development.

Vivian Yang

Vivian Yang

Vivian interned as a research analyst with UNDP's SDG Integration Team of the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support. During her time as an intern, Vivian provided data and conceptualization support as the UNDP developed its COVID-19 Data Futures Platform. She helped with qualitative and quantitative analysis to assess how countries were coping and adapting to COVID-19. Additionally, she supported training sessions for the International Futures model to assist UNDP staff in quantitative evidence-based policy development.