The Pardee Institute partners with academic researchers, development practitioners, analysts, and and policymakers as they contemplate and plan for the future. Our work with them focuses on understanding what drives global change, strategic policy analysis, and policy trade-offs. 

The Pardee Institute's partners help to enhance the Institute's ability to support policy making through the development of a scaleable IFs user base, increased public discourse, innovation, and a strengthened scientific foundation. 

Featured Partnerships

Pardee Center Yemen report

UNDP Projects

With a central focus on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) takes an integrated approach to sustainable development that closely aligns with the International Futures (IFs) model’s interconnected nature.

Woman holding grains

USAID Food Security

A Pardee Center team, led by Research Scientist Willem Verhagen with support from the National Opinion Research Center (NORC), developed a report in 2021 that investigates the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on food security to the year 2040 at world and world-region levels.

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The Atlantic Council

To better understand how trade between China and Latin America and the Caribbean might look by 2035, the Pardee Center developed a report with the Atlantic Council that explores four possible futures, differing in terms of economic growth and the strength of trade relations.

Over 1.6 Million in sponsored research since July 2023

23 Projects Completed in 2023-2024

11 Clients since September 2023

“Knowledge is AUDA-NEPAD’s prime commodity in its work to catalyze and support implementation of Africa’s Agenda 2063. In that regard, the IFs model and the Pardee Center have been extremely and uniquely valuable with respect to forecasting. Forecasts of different outcomes in differing circumstances have added an important dimension to African Union member states to ensure informed policy and investment choices.”

Martin Bwalya, Former Head of the African Union Development Agency Centres of Excellence
Martin Bwalya speaking at podium