Student Newsroom

Welcome to the Pardee Center’s new Student Newsroom. A central part of our mission is to place student work front and center. We provide ongoing learning opportunities and concrete project experience for our student research aides at the Pardee Center. And they, in turn, play an integral role in furthering the research efforts of the center as a whole.

This new Student Newsroom page is a place to recognize the myriad contributions made by our research aides, and to create a space for them to connect to the broader research community. Beginning in 2022, we will feature a research aide’s work, creating a spotlight for each research aide’s unique value added at the Center. Research aides will also write editorial pieces featuring their in-progress research. We anticipate these editorial pieces being published twice quarterly.

For now, we thank you for visiting the Student Newsroom. Please check back in early 2022, when we will be publishing our first content here.

"The Pardee Center pursues its value of integrity by investing sincerely in the personal and professional development of its research aides and project leads, going above and beyond to offer opportunities for student employees to acquire valuable skills for their future careers."

Jen Evans, PhD International Studies Project Lead of the International Nongovernmental Organizations Team

Research Aide Spotlight

Research Aide of the Month | Coming Soon in January 2022!

Marianne Hughes, MA International Studies (2020 graduate)
Marianne hughes

"The granularity of analysis available through the work of the Pardee Center, specifically the Diplometrics Program, gets to the very heart of what it means to understand the world around us. It is through the hard work of more than fifty researchers that we continue to make our datasets the most qualitatively rich and quantitatively robust they can be"

Katherine Labombarde, MA International Development (2020 graduate)
Katherine Labombarde

"Interconnectedness is central to the Pardee Center’s work, especially as it drives the utility of the International Futures system. This is also reflected among our personnel, from regular sharing of news and learning to supporting coverage across teams whenever needed."

Andres Pulido, MA Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration
Andres Pulido

"As a freshman to now a second-year graduate student, I have seen Pardee triumph interconnectedness. Pardee integrates research aides across schools into the family, connecting us through trivia game nights, and empowering us on our teams, in trainings, and brown bags. Pardee knows the future is brighter when people are brought together."