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Assessing the Impact of War on Development in Yemen published by Pardee Institute and UNDP

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Pardee Institute for International Futures

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The results of a study commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme appear in a report launched in April, Assessing the Impact of War on Development in Yemen.  Pardee Institute researchers used scenarios in the International Futures (IFs) platform to understand the impact of war in Yemen across human, social and economic dimensions of development. The study intends to illuminate the consequences of the conflict on medium- and long-term development, and at the same time, inform the international community about the level of devastation caused by the conflict.

Read the report here.

How to cite this report:

Jonathan D. Moyer, David K. Bohl, Taylor Hanna, Brendan R. Mapes, Mickey Rafa. “Assessing the Impact of War on Development in Yemen”. Frederick S. Pardee Institute for International Futures. Josef Korbel School of International Studies. Denver: Report for UNDP (2019).