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Fourth volume of Patterns of Potential Human Progress released

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Pardee Institute for International Futures

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On September 25, the Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures released the fourth volume of the Patterns of Potential Human Progress (PPHP) series, Building Global Infrastructure: Forecasting the Next 50 Years. The volume, published and sold by Paradigm Publishers and Oxford University Press India, provides a one-of-a-kind, multi-system look at infrastructure development worldwide to the year 2060. Though ongoing evaluation of the Millennium Development Goals and short-term forecasting have stressed the importance of setting goals for infrastructure access, long-range forecasting and analysis of how realistic such targets are have so far been a critical yet missing element. Through their comprehensive quantitative analyses, the authors of this volume, led by Dale Rothman, hope to fill this gap, further informing the global conversation around development. Special thanks goes to Frederick S. Pardee for his continued work and financial support for the PPHP series. The fifth and final volume of the series, Strengthening Governance Globally, is on schedule for release early next year.