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Pardee Associate Director Collin Meisel discusses the importance of Gazan governance on a panel of international experts contemplating sustainable futures for countries in conflict.

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Governance in Gaza is critical to mitigating the indirect impact of conflicts on human development, emphasized Collin Meisel, during a virtual international panel of experts organized by the Stimson Center to discuss the situation between Hamas-Israel.  Associate Director of Geopolitical Analysis at the Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, Collin Meisel contends that a prolonged lack of governance in Gaza would escalate the situation, making it more perilous. According to Meisel,  “the longer Gaza goes ungoverned, the more deadly the situation will become” as access to essential services will continue to be challenged, pushing Gazans to the brink of survival.

He made these comments when he joined a virtual discourse of an international panel of experts organized by the Stimson Center to discuss the situation between Hamas-Israel, which aimed at exploring opportunities to ease long-standing conflicts and provide a road map to a more peaceful and sustainable future for the Middle East.

Expanding on his views in the article titled "The Indirect Toll of the Israel-Hamas War," Meisel underscores the importance of continuous aid and essential services for Gaza. However, he asserts that such measures, while vital for saving lives in the short term, are insufficient, “they will save lives on the margin,  in the long run, Gazans would need to be provided a path towards self-sufficiency rather than isolation and dependency”.

This article compares the devastations in Gaza to Yemen based on an assessment of the Yemen war’s impact. It was analyzed using the Pardee Center’s International Future (IFs) modeling tool to understand the conflict dynamics and its impact on development in Yemen.

Here is a link to the virtual panel discussion regarding the implications of the present Israel-Hamas war:

Associate Director of Geopolitical Analysis, Collins Meisel