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Pardee Contributes to Atlantic Council Geopolitical Risk Report

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Pardee Institute for International Futures

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The Atlantic Council in association with Zurich Insurance Group published a report in April 2017 analyzing three key areas of geopolitical risk: protectionism, energy crisis, and water and food scarcities. Pardee Research Associate David K. Bohl and our director, Jonathan D. Moyer, led Pardee's contributions, which included updated bilateral trade forecasts, as well as scenario development and analysis, using International Futures. Our team, which included our graduate research assistants, Taylor L. Hanna, Brendan R. Mapes, Kanishka Narayan, Kumail Wasif, also produced a supplementary reference report that explains the nature of an expanded set of five geopolitical risks historically and forecasts how these risks might disrupt or transform current global trends of growth and development. 

To access the Atlantic Council report click here. 

To access the Pardee reference report click here.