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Pardee Institute Research Featured in The Economist

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Pardee Institute for International Futures

April 8th, 2024

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Pardee Institute for International Futures' work on the Foreign Bilateral Influence Capacity Index (FBIC Index) has been prominently featured in a recent article in The Economist. The article titled “Is China or America the Big Boss of the Global South? In a dog-eat-dog world, competition is fierce” underscores the significance of Pardee's research in understanding global power dynamics. 

The FBIC Index, a brainchild of Pardee's collaborative efforts with the US government, emerged from rigorous academic inquiry and practical application. Developed as part of a dissertation project, the index aims to capture the concept of "weaponized interdependence" by blending monadic and dyadic data. It delves into the intricate web of economic, political, and security dependencies between countries, offering insights into the advantage one nation holds over another based-on market size and asymmetries. 

Director of Geopolitical Analysis, Collin Meisel, played a pivotal role in collaborating with The Economist to provide data for their analysis. 

The article sheds light on the FBIC Index's application in analyzing global power dynamics, offering readers valuable insights into the evolving geopolitical landscape. By illuminating the complexities of international relations and the dynamics of influence.  

The Economist's feature on Pardee's work is evidence of the Center's impactful contributions to the field of international relations.  

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