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Pardee Institute’s FBIC tool inspires an article in BBC Brasil

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A recent report published in the Economist, which utilized Pardee Institute’s Formal Bilateral Influence Capacity Index (FBIC) data to compare the level of influence of some countries among the members of the G77, has inspired another article by BBC Brasil. The piece titled “Who competes with Brazil for leadership of the 'Global South” delves into the dynamics of influence within the Global South, focusing on Brazil's role and its competitors. 

The FBIC data influenced BBC Brasil's analysis of how Brazil positions itself as a leader among developing nations and leverages its economic, political, and cultural ties to assert influence. Observing Brazil’s strategic partnerships and initiatives aimed at strengthening its leadership status. 

Additionally, the article compares Brazil's influence with that of other emerging powers, such as China, India, and Russia who also compete for leadership within the Global South. 

The utilization of Pardee Institute’s FBIC data by prominent publications like The Economist and BBC Brasil serves as evidence of the tool’s relevance and utility in understanding global dynamics while stressing the Institute’s contribution to the field of international studies and affirming the importance of its research in informing public discourse and policymaking. 


Image of FBIC Data