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RA Alison Burt to take IFs to the World Bank

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Pardee Institute for International Futures

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Research Assistant Alison Burt will spend the next 10 weeks in Washington, DC, interning with the Global Center on Conflict, Development, and Security at the World Bank. Burt will be working directly with the IFs modeling system to explore the possibility of poverty reduction to 3 percent of the population nationally in fragile and conflict-affected states over the next 20 years. She will be using IFs to help World Bank officials better understand poverty in states with ongoing conflicts (e.g. Somalia, Afghanistan, and Syria), very unequal states (e.g. Zimbabwe), and very poor states (e.g. Comoros, Madagascar, and Malawi). In collaboration with the World Bank, Burt will take a leading role in producing a report on the work of the project before the end of the year.