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Assessing the Impact of Conflict on Development in North-East Nigeria

March 01, 2020

The Pardee Center team has provided support to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in a number of ways. Most recently, we expanded our ability to measure and visualize each country’s progress over time in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This report is a part of this collaboration, aimed at assessing the impact of conflict in North-East Nigeria.

The unfolding conflict in North-East Nigeria is preventing concerted progress toward short-, medium-, and long-range development goals that the SDGs represent. This joint Pardee Center-UNDP report provides a comprehensive assessment of the conflict’s impact on development across issue areas and scenarios using the IFs model. It compares two scenarios for evaluating conflict’s direct and indirect effects in North-East Nigeria: A Conflict scenario that simulates conflict and its effects based on the best data and literature available, and a No Conflict scenario that simulates development in a counterfactual without conflict.