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USAID Uganda Strategic Analysis and Learning Activity

April 01, 2020

The objective of this project is to enhance the ability of USAID/Uganda and its implementing partners to make high-impact and sustainable contributions to development in Uganda. Under this project, QED Group will work with USAID/Uganda to identify relevant forecasting and analysis using the Pardee Center’s IFs model. These long-term forecasts can be used as one of many tools that can guide USAID for short- to mid-term programming and other planning decisions. The project may also include the QED Group working with Pardee Center to facilitate training of district staff to use the IFs model, enabling districts to determine their own futures by equipping them with the tools and skills needed for long-term forecasting. This partnership can further facilitate opportunities for internships through the Pardee Center. The internships are envisioned as a collaboration between USAID/Uganda, the University of Denver, and local Ugandan universities.