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Foundational Research Report: SDG Push+ Accelerating universal electricity access and its effects on sustainable development indicators

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United Nations Development Programme 


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Pardee Institute for International Futures
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Pardee Institute for International Futures

Reports & Briefs

Deva Sahadevan

February 01, 2023

Access Report

Full Citation: Sahadevan, D., Hanna, T., Moz-Christofoletti, M. A., Orlic, E., Okiya, S., Abidoye, B., & Moyer, J. D. (2023). UNDP.

Pushing for universal electricity access through Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) interventions can have powerful multi-faceted effects across economic and human development. Despite its benefits, expanding electricity access comes with significant costs that may require trade-offs in fiscal choices. By using futures modelling that captures both synergies and trade-offs of pursuing particular SDG targets, UNDP and the Pardee Center for International Futures (University of Denver) assessed the current state of electricity access and modelled different pathways to achieving significant milestones in electricity access, including the UN-Energy Pledge and the UNDP commitments. Read the official report and others here. 

  1. Modelling Universal Access
  2. Development Impacts of Electrification



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