Information for Students

Student involvement is an indispensable aspect of this project. Through this project University of Denver students gain research and scholarship skills by engaging with asylum attorneys and asylum seekers—directly contributing to protecting human rights without leaving DU. Student researchers will learn how to use social science research methods so their claims about cases meet legal standards for evidence.

Learn more about what KAP student researchers do below, and fill out our interest questionnaire if you'd like to get involved.


The following flowchart shows the general process of how a country conditions report is produced from start to finish.

Flow chart of cases taken by KAP student researchers


  • What exactly is a country conditions report?

    KAP's country conditions reports are usually around 1,500 words in length and follow a general outline:

    • Introduction: A brief summary of the case, the grounds for asylum, the threats that the asylum seeker has experienced or would experience if deported.
    • Case Plausibility: Are the facts of the case consistent with known country conditions, and if so, why? 
    • Nexus: Asylum applicants must show that they have been or will be persecuted on account of one or more of the following grounds:
      • Race
      • Religion
      • Nationality
      • Political Opinion
      • Membership in a particular social group

    KAP will not be making any legal arguments, but in analyzing country conditions will address the connection between the protected ground and the harm that the asylum seeker has suffered or will suffer.

    Country Conditions: What were the country conditions at the time of persecution, how have country conditions evolved since the asylum seeker came to the United States, and is there a continued risk of persecution?

    Non-Government Actors and Acquiescence: If the persecuting actor is not the government, the report will address whether the government is able or willing to protect the asylum seeker. If a Convention Against Torture claim is involved, the author will also address whether the government acquiesced to the torture.

    Movement and Internal Relocation: Would the asylum seeker be safe in any location within the country?

    Conclusion: A short summary of the researcher's findings.