Pardee Fellows Program

The Pardee Institute Fellows Program

The Pardee Institute Fellows Program is designed to deeply involve highly capable students in learning advanced research methods and applying them to real-world research. Specifically, Pardee Institute Fellows will develop knowledge and expertise around using the Pardee Institute's signature IFs tool, literature review methodologies, and various research techniques, This experience is intended to enhance the professional capabilities of the Fellows while simultaneously contributing to the work of the Pardee Institute.  

Each year, we aim to select three to five exceptional students with a strong interest in quantitative long-term integrated assessment modeling, literature-based research, and policy-engaged analysis.  Fellows will receive tuition support (if eligible) plus hourly pay and will be embedded in teams of researchers doing work for real-world policymakers, such as groups within the United Nations or African Union. The research is primarily focused on long-term forecasts of sustainable development using the International Futures (IFs) tool. This is a program designed to be a two-year commitment.

We encourage eligible students who meet the criteria to apply for the Pardee Fellows Program, and we look forward to receiving applications from those who are passionate about making a meaningful impact in the fields of integrated assessment modeling, qualitative research, and policy engagement. This opportunity promises to be both intellectually rewarding and professionally enriching for successful candidates.  

Applications for the 2024-2025 Academic Year cohort are open through March 15, 2024. Please scroll down to the Additional Information section for program eligibility and application instructions.

This program is intended for first-year graduate students who have at least 18 months remaining in their academic program. 



Additional Information



  • Must be a first year graduate student with have at least 18 months remaining in their academic program for the Pardee Fellows Program as of the start of the Fall 2024 quarter. 
  • Demonstrated interest in international relations and global affairs, quantitative long-term integrated assessment modeling, literature-based research, and policy-engaged analysis 


  • Completed coursework or experience in research methods and tools 
  • Experience managing projects  
  • Experience with SharePoint file management 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Demonstrated commitment to fostering an environment in which faculty, staff, students, and community partners from diverse backgrounds and cultural identities feel welcome and valued 
  • Demonstrated willingness and eagerness to develop your quantitative skills further 
  • Curious and detail-oriented  
  • Reliable and diligent 
  • Professional and efficient communication skills  
  • Strong problem-solving skills 
  • Strong time management skills 


To Apply

Submission Method:

  • Email your application to

Application Deadline:

  • March 15, 2024

Application Materials:

Please include and clearly identify the following materials in your application:

  • Resume/CV*
  • Cover Letter*
  • One-page description* of how your interests, career goals, and background make you a great candidate for this program. You are encouraged to reference previous work completed by the Pardee Center to explain the context of your candidacy. Examples are provided on this page further below.
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation
  • Transcript or other documentation to show enrollment and academic program progress

* = required application materials

Please save each application component as a PDF using this naming format: last name_position title. Example: Resume_Smith_ Pardee Fellow


Examples of Pardee's Work

Previous work at the Center has included many students, much of which can be learned about by reading Annual Reviews published by the Center (  Below is a list of recent publications, both peer reviewed and reports, that highlight student involvement in the publication process and organizations that support Pardee’s research: