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Building Global Infrastructure: Forecasting the next 50 years (Patterns of Potential Human Progress Volume 4)

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Pardee Institute for International Futures
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Mohammod Irfan

March 30, 2014

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M.T., Hughes, B.B., Dale S. Rothman Margolese-Malin, E., Moyer, J.D. (2014). Building global infrastructure: Forecasting the next 50 years (Patterns of potential human progress volume 4). Routledge.

Volume 4 in the PPHP series tells a story of possible futures for basic infrastructure (access to all-season roads, electricity, improved water and sanitation, and information and communication technologies) across the globe. Questions addressed by Building Global Infrastructure are:

  • How much basic infrastructure is likely to be in place over the next 50 years?
  • What will infrastructure access rates be in countries around the world?
  • Are there aggressive but reasonable ways to accelerate the provision of basic infrastructure, taking into account the currently-different levels of infrastructure across countries and other country-specific circumstances?

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Building Global Infrastructure
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