Navigating the Future of Governance

In the face of critical problems, government responses are increasingly hard to achieve. Who is addressing problems, how, and with what consequences for democracy? Our Navigating the Future of Governance Initiative supports research and programming to examine governance experiments growing out of crises and their impact on democratic practices. We are organized in five working groups.

  • Radicalization and threats to democratic practices
  • Non-state actors, governance experiments and democracy
  • Beyond growth? More equitable and sustainable economic models?
  • Environmental change, the extractive industry and democracy
  • Media/cyberspace and the future of democracy

Featured Project

"Beyond growth? More equitable and sustainable economic models?"

In the wake of the COVID crisis, increasing evidence of disruptions wrought by climate change and growing inequality, more and more analysts are questioning long-held economic assumptions. This series will examine various models of capitalism as well as economic modes that question core elements of capitalism, including endless growth. It aims to bring attention to new economic ideas, their potential trade-offs and how they might interact with issues surrounding security and social justice.